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Pac-Man World 3

Pac-Man World 3
ConsoleNintendo Gamecube
PublisherInc., Namco, Namco Hometek
DeveloperBlitz Games, Namco, Namco Hometek
GenreAction, Platform

Description :

Pac-Man returns to the platforming challenges of Pac World in this third 3D adventure, which allies the dot-munching master with a couple of his oldest rivals. A misguided mastermind named Erwin believes he’s found a way to enter the Spectral Realm at will, but his machine is tearing at the very fabric of reality, and will cause the collapse of the ghosts’ home plane of existence if it’s not stopped. In desperation, Clyde and Pinky teleport Pac to their realm, in the hope that he can help save it before it disappears into nothingness. To overcome the many challenges of this transdimensional dilemma, Pac can run, jump, and punch, use a variety of power-ups, and even wield influence over the flow of time. Pinky and Clyde can do their part to help the cause, as both are playable in the game. For longtime fans of the arcade icon, some Pac-Man World 3 levels are based on original Pac-Man mazes, and an emulation of the coin-op sensation is included as well.