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Mario Party 6

Mario Party 6
ConsoleNintendo Gamecube
DeveloperHudson Soft

Description :

Nintendo has always known how to bring players to the latest games of this series to experience the game. So despite many years with many dead games, but Mario is still alive for players to experience. One of the secrets of Nintendo is probably to give players a new experience through so many new game releases. There are a much smaller series of games that come out with different ways to play. They are often connected with many unique elements such as racing, football, and many other things to bring the difference. And one of the most popular game series is the Mario Party when combined with Monopoly for players to experience. And in that series, there is an exceptional game section that is the sixth with the name Mario Party 6 for players to experience. This series has a lot of unique features that players can experience.

In this game, there is a unique feature that is the Orb for players to use. This is not a new feature, but it has been remade to be different from the previous sections. Besides, there is a new type that has just appeared that is Orb Star for players to experience. In this game, players can use Orb to do a lot of things like stealing money or gaining more stars. People can use the money to buy them along the way or, by chance, have the opportunity to collect them. Players do not need to pay to use the shuttle; it is used to bring you money.

The best thing this game can bring to the player is that it has a lot of minigames for players to experience. During the game, players will have to go through many different minigames to make money. Players who want to get a lot of money need to win those minigames. Once you have a lot of money, you can buy many stars, and you can use them to win. The game also has two new minigames added, which are Mic Minigames and Rare Minigames for players to experience.