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Evolution Worlds

Evolution Worlds
ConsoleNintendo Gamecube
DeveloperSting Inc.

Description :

The follow up to a previous Dreamcast RPG Evolution, and this title is a traditional RPG in every sense of the word. You are “Mag Launcher”, an intrepid adventurer extracting treasures from dungeons for the Society, and trying to solve the mystery behind your father’s death. Most of the game involves exploring multi-level dungeons, eventually confronting a boss creature to retrieve a treasure for the Society. On your journey you will be accompanied by healers like Linear Cannon, your gun toting butler, and others. Your weapons are what is known as “Cyframes” with upgrades being purchased to add more options such as slash and cannon attacks. The only character that uses actual magic is Linear Cannon, and all other characters use “FP” to perform their various special attacks such as Mag’s “Crushing Hammer Blow”. In addition, each character has abilities that can be used, but once used, will not be available for a few battles.