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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
ConsoleNintendo Gamecube
DeveloperNintendo EAD Tokyo

Description :

Donkey Kong is one of Nintendo’s very famous monkeys with a lot of unique things revolving around this monkey. First released in 1981 and soon becoming the most popular game of the Arcade era and attracted many people to come to play the game. Whan its launch, in the places where Arcade entertainment was provided, a lot of people came to experience the game. This has shown the attraction of this monkey to a large number of players, but unfortunately, in the original version, Donkey Kong is a villain. But Nintendo couldn’t let their only monkey become an evil character, and after that, a lot of Donkey Kong titles were released. Among those titles, there is a game that becomes more prominent than the rest for players to experience. An excellent example of that is Donkey Kong Jungle Beat – a game produced on the GameCube platform. Right from the time of launch, the game has received attention from many players because of what it can bring to players. So do players want to become Donkey Kong to start their journey or not?

In this game, there will be many different levels for players to explore, and they are all designed differently for players to experience. In many other games, if the player wants to complete the stage, the player must reach the destination of that stage. This game, players do not play for that purpose, but that player is to collect as many bananas as possible. Every time the player collects a banana, the player will receive a beat, and you need to try to get as many bananas as possible. When the player is injured, the number of beats that the player has received will decrease, and the number of points the player gets as well.

When the player reaches a certain level, the player will be fighting the boss to be able to complete the game. In the game, there are many bosses for players to fight. Whenever fighting the boss, the player will have to compete in an antagonistic style to win. Players must find a way to attack the boss and dodge their attacks. If someone’s HP returns to 0 first, then that person will be the loser.