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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing
ConsoleNintendo Gamecube
DeveloperNintendo EAD
GenreLife Simulation, Sandbox

Description :

ameCube is a gaming platform that is highly appreciated by many players and is selected for purchase. This device has a lot of new improvements to be able to attract players to the game. But advanced technology alone is not enough to make the game sell tens of millions of copies worldwide. What made the name of this game are the titles released on this platform for players to experience. Among the many games published on this platform, there are countless combat action games for players to experience. But anything too much is not necessarily good, so the game must have something else for players to experience. And the game chosen to make that difference is “Animal Crossing” – a Life-simulation game. There are many people mistakenly believe that this game is the first version of this series, but that is not correct. This game is a version inherited from the elder brother on the Nintendo 64 platform to improve and launch. This game has successfully acquired new things and become a name that is appreciated by many players. The game gives players a different experience than the ones that the player has tried before.

In many other games, people are always considered as the head of nature to be able to do many other things. In other games, more or fewer people still exist to be able to continue to breed. But when players come to this game, the player is the only human living in this world to experience life here. There is no human character who is all humanized to become human. Players will have to interact with the NPC is that animal to be able to do things in the game. This will be a very new and interesting experience for you to experience.

This game gives players positive energy and eliminates negative energy for players to feel. When it comes to, the player is the owner of all and does not have any pressure that makes the player feel comfortable playing the game. The game will bring the life of an ordinary person, very peaceful but very interesting for you to experience.