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Star Fox 64 3D

Star Fox 64 3D
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
DeveloperNintendo, Q-Games
GenreAction, Shooter
ReleasedSep 9, 2011

Description :

Ground battles are so familiar to a lot of players because it has appeared in so many games. So are you ready for the battle of the future? This is a battle from the future, and its battlefield is no longer a familiar ground but will be in outer space. This is the place where up to now, many game makers are aiming to bring newness to the players. In the past, Nintendo has exploited the space factor; that is Star Fox 64 launched in 1997. This game has reaped a lot of success and became a popular name on the market at that time. It was so popular that Nintendo decided to release a remake of this game called Star Fox 64 3D for 3DS. This remake was released in 2014 and has received a lot of love from many players. Despite being released relatively late, the game is still strong enough to become one of the names voted as the greatest of 3DS.

In the game, there are many different tasks for players to perform. Most of them are fighting for life and completing the campaign that the game offers. Besides, there are many kinds of missions for players to explore the story of the game, which is to communicate with the NPC, explore other planets, and many other things. Through the story of the game, the player can explore the story of the game in many different aspects. Thanks to that, players have many different ways to be able to see the story of the game. To fight in this game, the player can only use a single vehicle that is a fighter.

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