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Pokemon X

Pokemon X
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
DeveloperGame Freak

Description :

Nintendo 3DS was one of the systems that received the most attention from the players at the time of its launch. Not only has the hardware with superior technology compared to other devices but also a lot of other famous games as well. There are many outstanding features of this device that players can not tell all. There used to be a lot of favorite games made for this platform. Among them are some famous game series such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and many other names. But that’s not the only renowned game series, but there are many different names and points in it are Pokemon. It is a flaw that a successful system like 3DS does not have the presence of a few titles of this game series for players to experience. And among them is the name Pokemon X and Y – this game has contributed significantly to the success of this series. But this time, I only talked about one of the two games in this series, which is the Pokemon X game only.

This game is an entirely new graphic design style compared to its seniors to make this game special. The game has a fully 3D graphics format for players to experience. This allows the player to feel the battle and surroundings much more clearly than in previous games.

If players have seen movies or have played games before, it will not be too strange for evolution to become stronger of Pokemon. Most Pokemon can evolve once or multiple times to become stronger. This process is a natural process, and players need to accumulate a lot to grow successfully. But this game has a new evolution that is Mega Evolution to make Pokemon even more powerful. This form of growth is artificial and can only evolve into a temporary Mega form in battle. After the battle is over, the player’s Pokemon will return to its original shape, and the power will return to its original form. If you want to achieve Mega Evolution, the player also needs something that is the Mega Stones and some items required for each species to use.