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Beyblade: Evolution

Beyblade: Evolution
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
PublisherRising Star Games
GenreAction, Fighting
ReleasedOct 29, 2013

Description :

Developed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, BEYBLADE: Evolution lets players launch their in-game BEYBLADE, using the gyro and motion sensors and manipulating the viewing angle with the Augmented Reality camera for precise control and adjustment. Players engage in real-time multiplayer battles or follow the Story Mode campaign unlocking new parts and information to fine-tune their tops in the Bey Factory. Expected to spin into retail this fall, the game will be available in two versions: a standalone Nintendo 3DS edition, and in collaboration with Hasbro, a collector’s edition, which includes an exclusive, six-piece BEYBLADE Wing Pegasus 90WF toy previously unavailable outside of Japan.