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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
ConsoleNintendo 3DS
DeveloperMonolith Software, Nintendo EAD
GenreLife Simulation

Description :

Animal Crossing is a very famous name with many game sections that have attracted many players to come to play the game. This series was released a long time ago, and it seems to have been forgotten by the players. But until 3DS was born, there were many titles of this game series released for players to experience. Among them are famous names such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf – an exciting simulation game for players to explore. But this is not the only notable name, but there are many other names, such as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. This game was released after his elder brother, the time it was launched in 2015, then many famous names were born. But that delay does not make the game less attractive, but on the contrary, it has become equally renowned compared to its elder brother. So what does this game have that attracts so many people to the game?

Players must be familiar with the image that humans are the only species of the game. The reason is that many titles emphasize that and bring players into the human world for you to explore. But this game is not, this is the world of animals, and players will play the only human of the game to experience the game. This is an exciting experience for you to explore when you are the only person in this world. This feature will make players feel like they are unique and outstanding than the NPC in the game.

Every game in the Animal Crossing series offers players a different role for you to experience. In the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player becomes a market, so this time it will be an interior designer. Players will feel the design of their customers’ homes in the ways they want to receive money.

Whenever customers come to players, they want to have the best room possible to stay. Players will have to communicate with customers to know what they want and satisfy them. Players need to design the style that customers want to be able to receive money from them.